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Beer & Wine Hoses

Beer & Wine Hoses
Beer & Wine Hoses
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Product Code : 9345
Brand Name : Global Transmission
Product Description

Beer & Wine Hoses

Beer Hoses

Our range of beer hoses are used in all types of commercial cleaning and disinfection products used in the food industry. These hoses are suitable for premium quality alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks and oily & fatty foodstuffs. Made from CR/NR-based rubber, the odourless and tasteless inner liner assure that the conveyed material remains absolutely unchanged.

  • Premium beer hose meeting the highest standards within the brewing industry.

  •  Suitable also for oily and fatty foodstuffs.

  • High performance under conditions of mechanical and thermal stress during cleaning operations.

  • Odourless and tasteless inner liner to guarantee that the conveyed medium remains absolutely unchanged.

  • For suction and delivery purposes.

Construction Tube:

  • CR/NR-based rubber, light colour odourless and tasteless, mirror-like, smooth.

  • Suitable for all commercial cleaning and disinfection products used in the food industry.

Reinforcement: Plies of synthetic cord and embedded steel wire helix.
Cover: EPDM-based rubber, smooth, abrasion, ozone and weather resistant, cloth finish.
Temperature Range:
From -30°C up to 90°C. 

The special corrugation of the outer surface allows an easy and safe mounting of the couplings.

Alcohol Hoses


  • Latest generation of hygienic hose specially conceived for demanding applications in the brewing industry. Used for suction and delivery purposes.

  • Suitable for contact with pasteurized and raw beers, biological beers, liquid foods .

  • Also suitable for transferring fatty products.

Main Benefits:

  • The improved chemical composition of the new modified Polyethylene tubing guarantees absence of product pollution, thus preserving unaltered the original properties of the medium conveyed (no taste or odour release).

  • The special reinforced carcass makes the hose suitable also for heavy-duty applications.

  • Polyethylene in-liner ensures utmost resistance in case of particularly aggressive cleaning processes including concentrated chemicals and high temperature.

Modified Polyethylene, clear colour, odorless and tasteless, mirror-like

Synthetic textile piles.
Embedded synthetic wire helix.
Synthetic rubber, orange colour, abrasion and weather resistant, smooth, cloth finish.
It withstands accidental contact with edible oils and fatty foodstuffs.
Temperature Range:
From -35°C up to +110°C depending on conveyed media.