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Export Quality Asbestos Yarn

Export Quality Asbestos Yarn
Export Quality Asbestos Yarn
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Product Code : 9800
Brand Name : Global Transmission
Product Description

Asbestos Yarn

Asbestos yarn is made of white, clean chrysotile Twisted Asbestos Fiber which have been mechanically twisted to increase tensile strength. Also known us flaxen thread, fleece, spun wool, thread, twist, wool. These Asbestos yarn are made in accordance to international standard of quality.

Several strands of yarn can be twisted or braided to produce the yarn or rope of a higher diameter. The yarn can be reinforced with ductile metal wires such as brass, copper, zinc, lead, inconel, monel, stainless steel, etc. Reinforcement with filaments of metal wire offers particular properties in the end product, such as heat dissipation, high temperature resistance, strength retention or particular friction properties. It can also be spun in combination with cotton or yarns made with man-made fibers to give an added advantage of higher strength and flexibility in lower temperature applications. Asbestos yarn can also be treated with high quality lubricants, oil resisting compounds, PTFE and coated with flake graphite or mica for specific applications.

Asbestos yarn is used for packing pumps and bearings, sealing caulk and general insulation. It has also been used in safety clothing, such as fire suits and asbestos blankets. It has excellent resistant powers at high temperature. Some other uses of asbestos yarn includes lagging on pipes and joints, insulation for electrical equipment, heat resistant sealers for ovens, boilers and generators, and as packing material around windows. Further, these yarns are recommended for saturated and super heated steam, hot water, air, gases, oils, steam expansion glands, rotary and reciprocating equipments. Moreover, our product are tailor made items and they are prepared as per requirement of customers.

Product wise application search strings
Asbestos yarn find wide applications in heat insulation, sealing, electrical insulation, fire protection, friction materials etc. Further, these are also used for packing valve spindles, lagging small pipes, sealing joints, in flexible metallic tubing, packing for bib- cocks at low pressure steam, sewing asbestos mattresses, in switch and fuse gear, braiding of electric cables, weaving of electrical resistance kits, cushions for glass in patent glazing bars.

Technical Specification

  • Size : 1.5 mm to 6 mm dia.
  • Std Spools : 1 kg and 0.5 kg.
  • Temperature : Range 0°C ~ 500°c